Terms of service


As long as membership is not cancelled, the amount of the chosen subscription will be charged on your payment card. Payment is due in advance. You can terminate your subscription at any time by contacting us via e-mail (hello@3dsecure.io), but no later than 8 days before the next renewal date.


After registration, and for each charge, a receipt will be delivered to the provided e-mail.

Payment Card Expire

If your payment card expires, you will receive an e-mail with a link for renewing card information.

Payment Card Information

When you sign up for this subscription, you authorize us to store all necessary payment card information for the automatic debit of your debit card at our payment gateway, reepay. This information will be deleted when the subscription is terminated.


A one time setup fee (€ 1000) will be charged at the first month of your subscription. All prices are not subject to VAT unless otherwise stated.


Once registration has been confirmed, the purchased services can be used and the product can therefore be considered as delivered.


Once a subscription is started it is not refundable.


Any form of complaint or questions about your purchase, contact hello@3dsecure.io.